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We buy baled cardboard - top prices paid for recyclable materials
Recycle Cymru uk, cardboard recycling north wales uk

Recycle Cymru uk offer free consultations for all your recycling and waste management needscbr  recycling are fully insured and fully licensed


We provide cardboard recycling centers, services and full waste management solutions to many customers in North Wales, the North West and the UK, we also recycle plastic, paper and many other materials, please ring for details.

Recycle Cymru UK are specialists in waste management and can help you with all areas of waste management and waste removal in North Wales and the UK. We offer a free consultation to discuss your waste disposal needs, call us to arrange your free consultation.

Unlike many waste management companies, we buy baled cardboard, plastics and other types of waste. Please call us for pricing information. Recycle Cymru pay the best prices for cardboard and other recyclable materials.

As a UK company, we cover North Wales and the North West and provide a free recycling drop off center, service and collect cardboard / plastic and paper from sites large and small delivering a full range of waste management services.

For all your cardboard, plastic and paper recycling needs, call Recycle Cymru today. Recycle Cyrmu provide full waste management programs for many business's, companies, offices and local authority sites around the North West and North Wales. Call us or visit one of our cardboard recycling centers in North Wales.

Most responsible companies and individuals now make a conscious effort to recycle as much paper and cardboard as possible. Your waste management is what we specialise in.

Recycle Cymru have developed recycling centers and services to provide paper and cardboard collection and waste management recycling systems across North Wales and the North West to suit all your recycling needs. 

As a responsible company, you want the peace of mind, knowing that your organisation has upheld its obligation to protect the environment. We offer a full service to help you achieve this by recycling cardboard, plastic and paper across North Wales and the North West.

Our waste management systems are set up to collect and recycle most types of paper, cardboard and many other waste types at our recycling centers. Much of the paper and cardboard we collect is recycled through tissue mills as household and work environmentally friendly products. Recycled paper is also used in the manufacture of wallpaper, writing paper and books.

As one of the UK's leading waste management and recycling companies, Recycle Cymru deliver sustainable waste management services including paper recycling, polythene and cardboard recycling for many small enterprises and public sector bodies.

With no investment in landfill, we commit to optimising recycling and recovery of waste whilst reducing costs and ensuring environmental best practice.

Recycle Cymru , providing cardboard, paper and plastic recycling across north wales

We Recycle

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Polythene (clear)

Recycle Cymru operate a multi vehicle fleet allowing us to provide complete coverage from Anglesey to Cheshire

We Cover North wales and the North West, Please ring for details and an in depth discussion of your recycling needs